Consider what Pascal said about his own compensation this Wu-Tang Clan Shirt season. He has repeatedly emphasized that he is refusing to make the campaign’s digital advertising spending cuts. I felt like a campaign manager, it seemed that I was unethical and very good at paying myself a percentage of my decisions, Pars Pascal told CNN earlier this year.

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Instead, he said, he is accepting a relative amount of money for his efforts: an annual money keeper, priced at $300,000, plus an unknown bonus. I want to set a high mark, he told Braggart News. As he said: I don’t want to do this Wu-Tang Clan Shirt a percentage. I do this for my country and for President Trump.

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But that Wu-Tang Clan Shirt, not the full story. Pascal’s commission-free policy does not apply when the customer is the Republican National Committee, whose primary task, at least when using Pascal, is re-elected, Trump. That work has represented the $18 million bill for the Pascal Strategy since he was named the campaign manager in 2020, surpassing the $4.8 million that his companies have already made. Received directly from Trump’s committees.

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In an interview for this Wu-Tang Clan Shirt, Pascal confirmed he received commissions on portions of the $18 million used to by advertising, but he declined to discuss in detail. Pascal said he sees no conflict of interest because the party is making a decision. He said that it was RNA money, he said. If they call me tomorrow and say, ‘We don’t spend more money on this, then there, I can’t do anything.

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Pascal then changed his position after that Wu-Tang Clan Shirt and two articles in other publications examined Pascal’s compensation. RNA told ProPublica and Texas monthly in early September that, at Pascal’s request, they would no longer buy digital advertising through their companies. Mr. Mike Reed said, forward, all RNA digital purchases will be made directly on the hosting site.


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