She said, In many times going to the White Raikkonen Shirt my heart broke countless times. I have heard what it likes to sleep in the street in the middle of winter, what it wants to go without food and what it needs to survive every day.

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Ilonka realized the White Raikkonen Shirt need when she found a man in Pretoria sleeping in a coal fire just to keep warm. It is heartbreaking to see this man risk his life to keep warm. His only asset is the T-shirt and shorts he’s wearing. I thought to myself, is this a human meaning? Does anyone care if he goes overnight? Ilonka said.

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I have heard from single mothers who have described what it wants to raise their children on the White Raikkonen Shirt and their concerns about the safety and happiness of their children. As a mother, I think about the dreams I have for my children. That they will grow up to become teachers, doctors or even racing drivers.

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After that, I thought about the White Raikkonen Shirt faces I saw on the road and how different their lives would be even though we live in South Africa, Ilonka said. As part of an effort to continue to improve the lives of street people, Ilonka created a fundraising campaign on BackaBuddy to buy at least 500 blankets distributed to those in need on Mandela Day and in 67 days later.

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Ilonka also collaborated with 11 different organizations to organize an event at Marabastad, Gezina, and Sunnyside in Pretoria on Mandela Day, where homeless people will be given a basic item to make this White Raikkonen Shirt easy. a little easier. It will be a day of celebration, music, and storytelling to empower people without voices.


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