Abraham has filled three galleries at the Westie Cafe Edinburgh Shirt Art Museum on a lower level with a variety of cultural flotsam and jetsam from Aspen and Austin – sculptures of found materials, percussion instruments, barrels wood, table, book, plant pot, beer barrel.

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It is aimed at the Westie Cafe Edinburgh Shirt to make sense of it, following a radical interactive approach that will transform, enliven and reinterpret artwork in the next three months. Yes, you can touch the artwork. You must give it Hi, how are you, Gonzo? To work.

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Museums of the Westie Cafe Edinburgh Shirt are places where artwork cannot be touched and you have to behave in a particular way – this is different, Cruz said last week before the show opened. People can touch and move things, they can change the layout of objects, which is a special experience for them.

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I do not ask anything specific, either for specific types of people or events. Everything is possible. There is no mistake. The artist brought three collaborators from Mexico City to the Westie Cafe Edinburgh Shirt exhibition on October 17, to perform the first activities in space. That includes performance art, sound, craft stations and clay sculpture on the floor.

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In addition to these, is letting Aspen bring creative life to the Westie Cafe Edinburgh Shirt He and the museum are calling on locals to suggest activation for space (see the Welcome Ideas infobox). I am trying to open it as an arena for exchange and sharing, rather than suggesting any content or meaning on my part, he said. I have ideas, but that’s mine, and they are never the best.


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