The VHS Skycorp Home Video Shirt! Attendees from more than a dozen countries including Japan, Romania, Turkey, India, and the United States traveled to Los Angeles to discuss the latest spatial developments at the International Space Development Conference. of the National Space Association 2018. The crowds were treated to presentations from scientists to high school students, and everyone in between. Now in its 37th year, ISDC returns to the city where it all started. This year’s event, taking place on May 24-27, 2018, was held at the Sheraton Hotel, just minutes from Los Angeles airport.

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The highlight of ISDC 2018 is the presentation of the Gerard O Summer Prize. This year, Jeff Bezos was honored for the infrastructure development that could help bring humanity into space and the VHS Skycorp Home Video Shirt! His space company, Blue Origin, is currently developing the New Shepard rocket system, New Glenn orbital missiles as well as many other projects. The award was given by O’s summer wife Neil, Weda guy. Once on the podium, Bezos claimed that Amazon, one of the billionaire-owned companies, is choosing the recently canceled SyFy program, The Expanse, the fourth season.

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After the announcement, science writer Alan Boyle then sat down with Bezos in an informal interview discussing Blue Origin’s ways and reasons and what the billionaire hoped to achieve. This is not something we can do, this is something we have to do, that is, before challenging the audience to wonder if their mission will change the world and the VHS Skycorp Home Video Shirt! Honorary physicist Freeman Dyson was honored with the Robert A Heinlein Memorial Award, for his continued work in the field of physics. In his acceptance presentation, Dyson explained his idea of ​​Noah’s Ark Ark, a device designed to seed the universe with life.


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