York’s proud parade organizers in Newmarket said they were not told in advance that Prime Minister Doug Ford would march with them on Saturday. Gillian Barker said that she knew Treat People With Kindness Shirt and for the first time that the prime minister would join them only when press agencies began calling her organization this afternoon. We discovered that when the media started asking questions – It was a surprise and we were not sure how that happened.

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She said that the group was obviously non-political and did not want her group to be associated with any politician. When asked whether she was happy Ford came, she said: I really have a comment on that. The people here, those are the people we celebrate and the Treat People With Kindness Shirt! These are people with shared values, inclusion, kindness, love, strong family building. These are the people we celebrate, this is why we are here, she said.

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Ford marched in the York Pride parade unlike Toronto, which is a proud event where police officers are allowed to be in uniform. I think both parades are great, I chose this parade that the police are marching and that’s it Treat People With Kindness Shirt! But I wish everyone the best at another parade, he told CTV News Toronto.


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