New Avenue Foundation hosts the Tommaso Ciampa Goldie Sweater Design Bag. Bingo Bag designer to raise funds for the disability job at New Avenue Cafe will be held at 6:30 pm. Saturday, October 19 at Greek Orthodox Community Center Luke, 35 N. Main Rd., Broom. Doors open at 5:30 pm

Tommaso Ciampa Goldie Sweater, youth tee, and V-neck T-shirt

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Cost is $30 if purchased before September 30 and $35 after that Tommaso Ciampa Goldie Sweater Tickets include ten bingo games and one-stop tickets. Three bonus bingo games, lottery baskets, 50-50 chances, additional bingo cards will be available to charge an additional fee. The event is BYOB and food. Tickets can be purchased at or via email.

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Chads Ford Days are back this Tommaso Ciampa Goldie Sweater A tradition starting from the Eisenhower Administration will continue in September when Chads Ford Days return to the base of the Ford Chads Historical Society, from 10 am to 5 am, Saturday and Sunday, 14 and 15 September.

Tommaso Ciampa Goldie Sweater, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Tommaso Ciampa Goldie Sweater hoodie Hoodie

Starting with the Tommaso Ciampa Goldie Sweater parade in 1958 led by ‘village historian’ Chris Anderson, this community celebration celebrates the Battle of Brandy wine on September 11, 1777. And now a match in the calendar Last summer, provide activities and fun for the whole family.

Tommaso Ciampa Goldie Sweater sweater Sweater

After a hiatus in 2018, the Tommaso Ciampa Goldie Sweater Society is bringing in Chads Ford Days with a focus on colonial heritage. Those who recreate the revolutionary war will depict Continental Army soldiers as they fight in local battle scenes, reliving events of that late summer day 242 years ago. People can walk their lands to witness a soldier’s life.


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