After a mass shooting in a school in America where the Thor Fat Still Worthy Shirt wore black trench coats instead of banning guns, the school banned trench coats really solved the problem in all non-Muslim countries. They are very proud with that stupid cloth too hate when I walk past these Letterboxes, it creates fear, insecurity makes me sick in my stomach. Should ban around the world, I’m Muslim but I really don’t like if I saw some Muslim women wearing like that, so scary Thought that they have banned in a lot of countries due to identifying at airports, etc.

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Taha Naushad I understand but it’s so outdated and I know Muslim women who don’t want to wear the Thor Fat Still Worthy Shirt and have been punished. Taha Naushad True but I heard a woman wearing a burka threw acid at a woman. Every Muslim woman who wears more than a hijab in Sri Lanka is effectively under house arrest unless they’re willing to compromise their personal beliefs.

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I don’t know how anyone can be comfortable with it When in Rome you do as the Thor Fat Still Worthy Shirt do you know. Absolutely if people feel they should promote their beliefs to that extreme then stay where shari’a law is, I find it offensive. Malungisa Lujalajala for security reason we should have everyone wearing see-through clothing to make sure no one is carrying anything illegal, will you agree for your mum and sister.

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Akane comment box de the mone Hoche Duniya sobs Muslim der Against chole gauche burka ban Nia sober ki support that is just too bad Mike. It’s sad that Thor Fat Still Worthy Shirt has become necessary It’s about time the whole world backs this policy. Anyone can be under those things why should they not follow the laws of the country they are living in all so wrong.

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HmmmI get they want to avoid bloodshed, but I don’t know if banning things is the Thor Fat Still Worthy Shirt way to do itGive a credit to Sri Lanka. Also, Easter Sunday killings were not carried out by women so why they have to pay for the action of the other. Darrell Thomas ahh aborigines said the same thing that people should dress like them and eat like them.


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