The current crisis has forced her to be even more nimble in her role, innovating ways to engage an electorate stuck at home and all-consumed by a global pandemic. “I think this has, frankly, thrown every mechanism all of us are used to into question,” she says. Events and rallies have been canceled or held virtually, and traditional fundraising has been stymied—and this at the This Is What A Warrior Looks Like Shirt and I will buy this very moment, Biden needs to coalesce support from all Democratic factions. The Democratic National Convention, scheduled for July, has been delayed until August amid calls by many, including Biden, to hold it online.

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It is a delicate tightrope for the This Is What A Warrior Looks Like Shirt and I will buy this campaign to walk: how to make the goal of electing the former vice president as urgent as fighting the pandemic while not appearing to be politicking when national unity is of paramount concern. For weeks Biden has been at home in Delaware, opting out of daily briefings that might compete with those of governors such as New York’s Andrew Cuomo or Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer (a reported shortlist contender for Biden’s vice-presidential pick). He’s hosted a roundtable with first responders, participated in town halls with Anderson Cooper, and interviews on every network show from The View to Jimmy Kimmel Live, plus launching a newsletter and weekly podcast.


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