Sunflower I hate People shirt! We are trapped in the darkest holes of the mind. We cannot wait to be free. My name is Jason Beckett. I am a 17-year-old student and the only child of Julie and Ryan Beckett. My family is a family on the family road because of constantly opening work for my father. My father became a local CVS pharmacist. Mom is only at home while my father is away. Because my family is constantly moving, I never really make friends and I don’t plan to make friends. It’s not like I used to need any friends. We moved to 15 Windham Avenue in a blue house in Mandan, North Dakota.

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It’s not like other houses with fancy lawns and home decorations. I may care less than anyone who thinks about us. If we are poor, wealthy, middle-class Sunflower I Hate People Shirt! We all leave. When I was a child, I participated in a big fight with three teenagers, according to what I thought, trying to kill me. I don’t know why they want me to die, maybe because they’re in a gang? It was in the middle of the road and the battle was for me to protect myself after being threatened and sworn by them.

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I was pushed back and I started losing my balance. I fell down and landed first on the sidewalk and Sunflower I Hate People Shirt. When I lay there bleeding from the skull, everything began to fade. I noticed three teenagers running to me and when I saw someone behind them, I disappeared. When my parents saw me lying on the floor bleeding, I was taken to an emergency right where I was scanned all over the cat body. I asked her what happened to the children who attacked me, she told me that I was too young to hear, but something unfortunate happened to them. After scanning the cat, the doctors realized that something strange and unusual happened in my brain.


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