Who doesn’t like pizza? Your little one is your new home and your new best friend. Wearing appropriate pizza shirts only solidifies a lover of pizza and their little baby. And like so many great shirts on this list, these home T-shirts are genderless and come in many sizes for any pizza size you can have at home in your crib! Just in case of pizza, Baby Yoda, and tacos aren up a father’s alley, what about fries? Who knows, maybe Small Fry is his new nickname, making this t-shirt the Snoopy Happy Easter Shirt in contrast I will get this best gift for your favorite fry family! These two shirts can also create a fairly simple Haloween costume in case any fry lover needs an idea.

Snoopy Happy Easter Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Putting these two shirts side by side could also be the Snoopy Happy Easter Shirt in contrast I will get this sweetest pregnancy announcement on social media, too! Maybe mom can eat fries in the notice! Hello to my little friend is the classic film from the movie Scarface in 1983. But you do not need to be a moviegoer to wear this shirt with your little friend. It is a fun game on words that people will recognize and find adorable. And is that what every father dreams of, being the best friend to me? You can get different sizes from Etsy for fun photography!


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