Robert Griffin III was shocked by Andrew Luck’s decision to retire, but the Sloth Wolverine Shirt Ravens midfielder praised him for the courage needed to leave the game in his own way. We were treated as superheroes rather than humans, Griffin said after Sunday practice.

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For him to have that Sloth Wolverine Shirt element, to show it at the post-match press conference, go and talk to the media and answer questions, I think it’s really big. Luck, 29, announced his retirement from the NFL on Saturday night, saying that the constant injuries took away his love for the game.

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Griffin said he always “silently” competes with Luck, dating when both are stars of high school in Texas. In 2011, Griffin defeated Luck for the Sloth Wolverine Shirt Trophy. The following year, Luck was the # 1 overall pick in the NFL draft and Griffin was made right after him.

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Just two years ago, when Griffin nearly arrived there get Luck today when injury almost ended the Sloth Wolverine Shirt of RG III. When I came out of football in 2017, I could not say that I had made the decision to retire. But I was at a time when you were tired of injury, tired of being hurt and tired of going through that process – [Luckily] called it ‘pain-trauma-recovery’ – and just repeat that process over and over, “Griffin said.

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I completely understand where he comes from. But I decided to keep pushing forward and the Sloth Wolverine Shirt. Robert Griffin III said he has always been “silently” competing with Andrew Luck since he was a prominent high school student in Texas. Ricky Carioti / The Washington Post / Getty Images.


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