I gave him a Tylenol and he tried to go to sleep. Philadelphia Eagles Double Doink Shirt! This treatment can come with some aches and pains and I’m wondering if that was part of the problem. As soon as the Tylenol kicked in, he asked for his iPad and has been just relaxing in his bed playing games/watching Netflix. He did mention that, only once, that he did see double of something. That has me so stressed. He’s been hampered so much by his weaknesses on his left side and overall stamina. I don’t want his vision to be an added issue. I don’t want to over ask about it and get him all stressed out.

Philadelphia Eagles Double Doink Shirt, Ladies Tee, and Youth Tee

Philadelphia Eagles Double Doink Ladies Shirt

Ladies Shirt

Philadelphia Eagles Double Doink Youth Shirt

Youth Shirt

He’s happy right now and feeling better. We will go to bed soon, but I feel better since he is happy and not sleeping. Philadelphia Eagles Double Doink Shirt! Trying hard to always focus on the positive. We had such a wonderful day today, I’m just going to keep that in my mind. Pray, he sleeps well and wakes up with lots of energy. Pray both boys can stay healthy and be able to enjoy this coming week with cousins. Pray that this treatment will help him. Pray that he will keep drinking and stay safe at home.

Philadelphia Eagles Double Doink Shirt, Hoodie and Sweatshirt

Philadelphia Eagles Double Doink Hoodie


Philadelphia Eagles Double Doink Sweatshirt


Pray he can continue to enjoy life at home. Pray he can enjoy family time and friend time. Pray for his counts to stay good. Philadelphia Eagles Double Doink Shirt! Pray he can get the next dose of treatment with no issues. Pray for no seizures. Pray the drug doesn’t affect his eyes. Pray for no pain. Pray for healing. Pray for energy. Pray for no fevers. Pray for strength. Pray for stamina. Pray for wisdom and guidance. Pray for the peace of mind. Pray that Dominic can be the rare survivor or this type of cancer. Pray for more belly laughs. Pray for many happy days to come. Pray, we can continue to see and feel Gods blessings.


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