Giants fan and always talked about how Romo was not talented. Giants fans loved to shit on Romo. Cowboys fans loved to shit on Romo too. Magician in the Paintball Troopers Shirt and I love this booth too. The man deserves more than being in some pocket. I have fun listening to a game played at a high level being called color by Romo. He’s one of my new heroes because his awesomeness is real and his effect is genuine. The only thing I can’t explain is why every former player can’t be just as good. Dan Fouts is a fucking hall of fame QB who doesn’t seem to know anything about formations. What makes Romo a great commentator, in my opinion, is his ability to address the hardcore fans and casual fans.

Paintball Troopers Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

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