The Canali Spring Summer 2020 collection tells the Omo Platypus Shirt of an intimate Italian summer, a summer that opens in a family immersed in a green landscape. More importantly, the collection shows relaxation permeability into clothing: playfulness narrows the gap between work attire and sportswear. The pieces formally soften, become deconstructed and unbound.

Omo Platypus Shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Omo Platypus Shirt ladies tee Ladies tee

Blazers are stylized with sleeveless sleeves and combined with drawstring pants or Bermuda shorts. Safari jackets and cargo pants imply a classic era. Inspiration from nature is explained through a delicate lens. Wearing shirts gives way to conventional buttons, boasting comfortable patterns and silhouettes, while knitwear comes alive with complex textures: jacquards exquisitely interpret the Omo Platypus Shirt and depth on the image. The ball is a bit oversized.

Omo Platypus Shirt tank top Tanktop

You see, as much as we, consumers require modifications to adhere to the Omo Platypus Shirt changing the world around us, on the contrary, we crave quietness and time with families. The palette draws on separate colors, evoking a summer at the lake’s edge or in the flower-filled countryside.

Omo Platypus Shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Omo Platypus Shirt hoodie Hoodie

The colors simulate a journey through the Omo Platypus Shirt Italian landscape: warm red, chestnut brown, lush green and earthy neutral colors reminiscent of outdoor natural tones. The shades of white and gray blend subtly with different, deep blue colors with the color of the lake at sunset. The motifs enhance the color movement with delicate colors, weaving effects, micro-motifs and color tones, each adding a touch of vivid sophistication to the collection.

Omo Platypus Shirt sweater Sweater

The fabrics used continue to reflect the Omo Platypus Shirt of lightness and ease. Natural materials such as flax – pure or blended with wool and silk – cotton, seersucker and suede; Combined in a soft and elegant silhouette. Some separate natural fibers with advanced technology, enhance garment utility through specialized techniques, such as water-resistant properties, stains, and wrinkles of Impeccabile clothes.


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