Now we live in a society like this: even if there’s a job, it may not be enough and the Official Velocireader Shirt. Getting a salary at the end of the month is becoming increasingly difficult: it is going to be the increased cost of living, which will be no longer the same as before. And even just a few hundred euros a month can help you breathe a bit. Abroad they call them “small jobs”, we will say small jobs: commitments that require maximum flexibility and quick small utilities. Here are 10 ideas to replenish your salary, without getting too stressed out.

Official Velocireader Shirt, Ladies tee, Youth tee, and Tanktop

Official Velocireader Ladies Shirt

Ladies Shirt

Official Velocireader Youth Shirt

Youth Shirt

Write for O2O. O2O registration, meanwhile, is inexpensive, it’s free Official Velocireader Shirt. This is a content market in which each person can sign up and write articles/tutorials/ work on the most diverse topics. The content, before being published, must be approved by the O2O team and when the credit accumulates at least 25 euros, it can be collected. Payment varies, based on a number of parameters that are clearly explained on the site.

Official Velocireader Hoodie, Longsleeve, and Sweatshirt

Official Velocireader Hoodie


Official Velocireader Sweatshirt


Making the controller. No, trains and subways have nothing to do with them, as well as tickets not deleted. It works like this: after downloading the BeMyEye app, you will be asked to become someone’s “eyes” somewhere else and the Official Velocireader Shirt. Take an example: a pasta manufacturer wants to know if his product is actually displayed in a supermarket, so it is required that you go and take pictures of the shelves and describe the situation. Alerts are sent on available jobs and jobs are given to those who book in advance. The fee is about 10 euros per shipment.


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