We haven’t even been to Halloween. Devil, we haven’t even crossed Thanksgiving and the Christmas themes are coming. But this is a Christmas theme that we expect to be a little faster. Mir-Christmas Bar Pop-Up Bar will be back Official Ugly Christmas Sweater and this winter at another warm, unexpected venue in Montreal. The Miracle family is a company that creates Christmas bars around the world and they have packed into that market with more than 100 locations around the world.

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And Montreal participates in Santa’s activities from November 25 to December 31. Once again, Miracle will work with the people in the famous talking room, Cold Room, to turn a space into a Wonderful winter wonderland and the Official Ugly Christmas Sweater! Working with Joann Speigel, the mastermind behind the brand’s cocktails, they created holiday-themed beverages such as Snowball Old Fashioned (Caramelized Pecan Bourbon, Sprated Molasses Syrup, Wormwood Bitters) and Ginger Bread Flip.

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So far, the venue has not been revealed but last year they held a pop up in Old Montreal, which is really the best place in Montreal to capture the holiday spirit. And what better way to get your Christmas spirit than drinking from a Santa full of beer! This year they will add a few new things to the list and the Official Ugly Christmas Sweater! On December 2, dust off your hardest Christmas sweater for the “Ugly Sweater” party. The event will be held at all Miracle locations around the world to create the largest ugly sweater combination the whole world has never dreamed of.


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