This is the second in a three-part series. Read part I here and part III here. Support New Yorker Award-winning Newspapers by registering here Official Madstore Undercover Shirt! In October 2016, a writer named Ben Wallace received a call from a number he didn’t recognize, with the UK country code. Wallace spent weeks in front of leading roles, in New York magazine, on rumors of sexual harassment and assault revolving around film producer Harvey Weinstein. When Wallace accepted the call, the voice on the line was that of a woman with a delicate European accent. You can call me Anna, she said.

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Wallace lived in the Czech Republic and Hungary for a few years after graduating from university. He has good ears for accents, but he can’t put this on. He guessed that the woman might be German and the Official Madstore Undercover Shirt! Anna said she had heard that Wallace was making a story about the entertainment industry. I received your phone number through a friend, he recalled her sentence. I may have something that may be important to you. Not many people know about their mission.

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He forced the woman to get more information, but she was shy. Her story is very sensitive, she explained and she wanted to talk face to face. The next Monday, Wallace met the woman at a cafe in SoHo. She appeared in her thirties, with long blonde hair, dark eyes, high cheekbones, and a Roman nose and the Official Madstore Undercover Shirt! She wears Converse shoes and gold jewelry. Anna said that she was uncomfortable giving her real name. She said she had a story about Weinstein but was struggling with whether to tell it or not. Not long after, Wallace and Anna met a second time, at a hotel bar. When Wallace came, Anna smiled at him, almost seductive. She ordered a glass of wine. I won the bite, she said, patting the chair next to her. Sitting next to me, Mr. Wall Wallace told her that he had a cold and ordered tea.


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