Baltimore – At 9:51 pm ET on Tuesday, in front of a crowd of most fans, their Dodgers left Camden Yards, visiting peaches to celebrate Saturday’s National League West championship. The Official For Lux Sake Shirt and their consecutive. Caleb Ferguson froze Mark Trumbo with a curve, the Dodgers were stuck, and their anodyne behavior on the pitch reflected the repetitive nature of the achievement.

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Clayton Kershaw, one of the few Dodgers who joined all seven, led the procession from digging to the mound and the Official For Lux Sake Shirt! He became the first player to take off his uniform and replace it with a souvenir T-shirt. Shortly thereafter, the Dodgers posed for a photo for the team and jogged into the clubhouse, where the celebration really began.

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Manager Dave Roberts incited a bottle of Jo Joie Brut’s wine as he began baking cakes for his team and the Official For Lux Sake Shirt! He asked the injured executives Max Muncy and Alex Verdugo to be projected on FaceTime. He congratulated his players on winning what he called his first season.


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