The Official Halloween Ghost Malone Shirt! On Tuesday night, the internet exploded through an essay. Specifically, the internet exploded through a personal essay confessed to being written by an unpopular woman, as if it was 2014 again. The essay in question was published by New York Magazine The Cut Magazine. Its author is a freelance writer named Natalie Beach, and it describes the Beach Beach friendship with Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway, who went viral earlier this year when he planned the tour to become an event in the Fyre Fest style. And although nothing in that statement sounded like it was noticeable, soon after the Beach essay was abolished, many people online sat up and noticed.

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Fans and hateful followers all sided with Reddit and in the caption of Calloway’s Instagram posts. Queen Caroline Calloway is trending on Twitter. The news made Jezebel and Cosmo. This is … a journey of a white girl noted the famous author Roxane Gay and the Official Halloween Ghost Malone Shirt! Feminist writer Lara Witt used the essay as the basis of a Twitter topic on racial beauty standards. That’s because the Beach Beach essay doesn’t stand alone. This is the latest chapter in a story from 2013 when it was built, Caroline Calloway began to become famous on the internet. And that story works with all of the Internet’s favorite topics: pictures of fairy tales concealing dark reality, an identity made and scam galore.

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Now, with the essay Natalie Beach, that story has reached its climax. The essay chronicles Beach Beach time with Calloway both before and after being famous and makes the case that it was Beach responsible for building Calloway Oklahoma brand. In the process, it brought a profound humanistic element to the already succulent Calloway story and the Official Halloween Ghost Malone Shirt! Here is everything you need to know to understand Caroline Calloway, Natalie Beach and why on Earth, anyone cares so much about one of them.


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