The Official Fly Virgin Atlantic Pinup Shirt! Aubrey O’Day was talking to American Airlines after claiming a flight attendant had taken off her clothes in front of the entire plane, revealing her bra. However, according to a report citing witnesses, that is not exactly what happened. Former singer Danity Kane took to Twitter on Thursday night to publicly embarrass the airline and flight attendant, even calling him by name and requesting his dismissal. I have never flown and the manager treated me like a Lil child being punished while waiting for the whole flight… including my undressing for the whole plane because he didn’t like it. My shirt and made me turn out to fly away, She wrote.

Official Fly Virgin Atlantic Pinup Shirt, Ladies tee, Youth tee, and Tanktop

Official Fly Virgin Atlantic Pinup Ladies Shirt

Ladies Shirt

Official Fly Virgin Atlantic Pinup Youth Shirt

Youth Shirt

After one of her Twitter followers supported her, she tweeted, Yes. I was SHOCKED. I really had to have my breasts in a bra in front of everyone around me. So that she doesn’t get kicked and the Official Fly Virgin Atlantic Pinup Shirt! The girl next to me holding onto the blanket she feels bad. However, according to TMZ, there is more to the eye here. Witnesses told TMZ that the former reality TV star was wearing a black shirt with the four-syllable letters as big, bold white letters. After the flight attendant asked her to change, Aubrey “complained and said she would post about it on social media, TMZ said.

Official Fly Virgin Atlantic Pinup T-Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve, and Sweatshirt

Official Fly Virgin Atlantic Pinup Hoodie


Official Fly Virgin Atlantic Pinup Sweatshirt


According to the weblog account, the Ex on the Beach star told the flight attendant that she did not have another shirt. The Official Fly Virgin Atlantic Pinup Shirt and so she was asked to turn it over. But, the witness said that she was not allowed to turn it on in front of the passengers, because the flight attendant told her that she could use the bathroom. Despite this, Aubrey refused the toilet’s offer, opting instead to undress on the spot, revealing her bra.


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