Official Cowboys Just Hate Us Shirt! So I hate the word hate a very strongly dislike that word and I don’t use it often but in the case, I’m gonna do it. What I hate is when northern people wanna talk about us Southern folks yell as people down here in Texas Oklahoma people in Alabama Tennessee ya know. What I’m talking about I saw this link and I clicked on it to see want the stereotypical responses that people were going to say was trashing. I have to say this they got some stuff that’s completely red neck and back would hillbilly but that’s OK.

Official Cowboys Just Hate Us Shirt, Ladies Tee, and Youth Tee

Official Cowboys Just Hate Us Ladies Shirt

Ladies Shirt

Official Cowboys Just Hate Us Youth Shirt

Youth Shirt

Because it’s simple life is simple that’s how it is out here in the country simple life laid back to kick back don’t stress it but the hate on plus size women or women in general. Official Cowboys Just Hate Us Shirt! Who want camouflage as their wedding dress and you call it backwood hillbilly redneck trashy and completely disgusting. I wanna laugh I happen to personally think that that’s pretty unique and a one of a kind Dress. I have to be honest worthy of my issue with people saying this is all you city girls and city boys that seem to think. That us contrary folk walk around in short shorts cowboy boots and flannel shirts tied up with curly air and cowboy hats now don’t get us wrong when he gets hot we do it but let’s be real let’s just be real that’s a stereotype.

Official Cowboys Just Hate Us Shirt, Hoodie and Sweatshirt

Official Cowboys Just Hate Us Hoodie


Official Cowboys Just Hate Us Sweatshirt


I can’t stand it when girls wear short shorts and cowboy boots flannel shirts tied up hair pulled back or curled with a cowboy hat on a goes to show they’re only looking at what society seems and deems fit for the country lifestyle I’ll be honest. Official Cowboys Just Hate Us Shirt! I love to see a guy or girl would some boots on some nice jeans my shirt take care yourself look good to be presentable so it’s all you city bike’s out there that the be country judging yet you want to talk chat about the country.


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