I am not a waiter, after several trips to the Late Sunflower Dodge lasting several hours each, I developed a disdain for Auto shops. Official Chevrolet Sunflower Shirt! A part on my new Chevrolet broke forcing me to the shop for repairs, not high on the list. Not happy, and impatient I went to McCarthy Chevrolet, as impatient as I was hoping to get my Pickup fixed, Pedro Alvarez and his professionalism calmed my temper, and possibly changed my attitude on Auto Shops. Kudos to a job is well done. See you when the part comes in.

Official Chevrolet Sunflower Youth Shirt

Youth Shirt

Official Chevrolet Sunflower Ladies Shirt

Ladies Shirt

A long long time ago, before Chevrolet, #3 Mcdonalds, and indoor plumbing, the Cherokee were hungry. Everyone was hungry and the Official Chevrolet Sunflower Shirt. This is because back then, everyone shared. everyone shared their food.. if you were hungry, the neighbor was also… because everyone shared. But this time, long ago, everyone was hungry. The crops would not grow, there was no rain,… finally, a medicine person went out, into a field, and sat and he stayed there… and prayed. and prayed.

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The people gave up all hope but the medicine person stayed. Official Chevrolet Sunflower Shirt! One day, the people woke up, and the Medicine Person was not there anymore, but a new strange plant was, right where the Medicine Person had been and it grew, really fast, and its head looked just like the sun, and it followed the sun, from dawn to dusk and it was known since then that Medicine Person had given his life, for the people. And then it rained and rained, and all of the crops were good, the corn, the beans, the squash.


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