I have a really awkward question lol. I qualified and joined MM last month after completing 2 marathons on back Official Came From Nuttin Shirt to back Sunday’s. Ok here’s the awkward part. I feel like…? I see these pics of people qualifying and they seem to have instant MM recognition or stuff like a singlet or visor or hat or, if nothing, a MM sign/certificate or something and feel like, did I do something wrong? Like they were immediately congratulated by the club. Is there representation at each marathon that I should’ve sought out upon completion of the second marathon but missed!

Official Came From Nuttin T-Shirt, Ladies Tee, and Youth Tee Shirt

Official Came From Nuttin Ladies Shirt

Ladies Shirt

Official Came From Nuttin Youth Shirt

Youth Shirt

I feel really stupid asking this lol. I’m kinda feeling like I missed something. I came home from race #2, immediately submitted my app, paid like $140, was accepted and Official Came From Nuttin Shirt. Haha Like I thought maybe I’d at least get a letter in the mail? Or a t-shirt sent? Haha, How do these people in these pics have re-cog so instantly? I’m so confused and feel so dumb lol At this point I feel like it’s just more dumb not to ask.

Official Came From Nuttin Shirt, Hoodie and Sweatshirt

Official Came From Nuttin Hoodie


Official Came From Nuttin SweatShirt


If you have never considered a serger, you might want to stop by and see a demonstration of how this little piece of ingenuity can make your sewing life a lot easier! Four threads, a cutting blade, and no winding bobbins will simplify everything from garment construction to quilting and the Official Came From Nuttin Shirt. Smoothly finished seams will be the result! Not sure what a serger does? Go get your favorite tee shirt and look at the inside seams from the armpit to the hem. Those nice loopy threads with two straight stitch seams are created by a serger. See that nice double line of stitching at the hem? That’s a cover stitch, and we can handle that one too! No raw edges and the stitching stretches when the fabric does. Come in today and see a demonstration!


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