The Official Brains Beauty Booty Shirt! There is no such thing as a linear conversation with Tierra Whack. When we were spotted inside a studio in the middle of Los Angeles, topics emerged from white boys (I like black men [but] I’m seeing some white people though and they are very cute!) of Cartoon Network’s Regular Program (Gimme Some Sugar) in every way she wants and needs (sometimes people are just in my life to hug me or eat my ass I). The duality of man. I often forget the original question but there is almost no problem because we always end up in an interesting place.

Official Brains Beauty Booty Shirt, Ladies tee, Youth tee, and Tanktop

Official Brains Beauty Booty Ladies Shirt

Ladies Shirt

Official Brains Beauty Booty Youth Shirt

Youth Shirt

She turned and watched and hovered in her head for a moment. That’s the beauty of her brain: it contains lots of thoughts and lots of ideas and while they may not always be ripe, she’s always ready to share. That’s exactly how 23-year-old rapper Philly works well and the Official Brains Beauty Booty Shirt! Everything just goes with me. I see something and I am like those sticks and I will use it a few months later or two weeks later or a day later. Whack is affected by anything and everything. She said: If someone asks what inspires me, it is life, death, everything!

Official Brains Beauty Booty T-Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve, and Sweatshirt

Official Brains Beauty Booty Hoodie


Official Brains Beauty Booty Sweatshirt


The whole universe! I just think that the longer I live, the more ideas and experiences I have. During the time we spoke for the first time in July 2019, she had a cultist, played Coachella, performed on Jimmy Kimmel, was nominated for Grammy, passed, said and the Official Brains Beauty Booty Shirt! Like the sect, she released Whack Historical Month, in which she released a new single every week for five consecutive weeks in February and March and met Lil Jon. Her, Whack she’s trying to make a mark on hip-hop.


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