Listening, he continued, the Official 100 Thieves Shirt disappointment in his voice. I like to surf the web. I like the waves. Look around and you will see images of waves everywhere in this office. If you go to Wikipedia and you type along with the wave, that’s all math. The whole universe is built of waves. If you surf and you rise ahead of the wave, you will be ousted.

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If your ratio is behind the Official 100 Thieves Shirt it will be below you and you can catch it. And I will try to say this, pull the quotes – y and bad, but I think we find ourselves in a good wave position.

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The goal of the Official 100 Thieves Shirt is not to move fast and break everything to disrupt cooking – after all, there, there is no shortage of direct kitchenware brands for consumers already on the market. But to create something meaningful in the long run. The most important thing is that we have to keep raising awareness, Shine continues.

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And if we can provide the Official 100 Thieves Shirt that’s a reward. Of course, we must, like, build a meaningful sustainable business and make money. That will take a long time and we know it. There are no expectations, like, quarterly profits. We can operate for 7 to 10 years, as a minimum.

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Earlier in our conversation, Shine came up with what he saw as the Official 100 Thieves Shirt pillars of contemporary American society – the three areas where you can influence change: in community, in politics and in the market. Just keep going back to the fact that m, not a community organizer, he said. I am not a politician. I am a dAmn marketer. And m good at it! So why shouldn’t we use what m good at in what think will make things better one step, not one worse!


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