Sometimes people feel depressed, showing weakness, especially when you have to work alone. When you put an endotracheal tube on a colleague, you’re upset. When a colleague’s relative has an endotracheal tube and is dying, you’re stressed. But as a doctor, we still have to do and continue the Leveling Up To 5TH Grade Shirt also I will do this next case. It is painful, especially when you have patients who die alone. I have known a patient for 25 years. A friendly old gentleman. He died without anyone by his side. His family could not come to see him.

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Many times, I have witnessed families calling to find their loved ones. Unfortunately, their family members died one or two days earlier and their family members were unaware. Listening to those phone calls was hard. I could not sleep. I care for my family, my daughter, the Leveling Up To 5TH Grade Shirt also I will do this people I love. I was worried about being traumatized. I woke up in the middle of the night by nightmares. If you are not in that situation, you will not be able to understand how bad it is. You cannot understand exactly what is happening. You cannot imagine how the disease will wreak havoc on families.


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