Every day is engraved in my mind. It was horrible and destructive. No one is prepared for this situation. No politician is ready for that, nobody in this world. The epidemic wreaks havoc in Europe, China, the Leveling Up To 4TH Grade Shirt also I will do this United States and it will continue. Those are the scariest enemies because you can’t see them. But you still have to keep fighting because you remember that every time we take a break, every time we slip, a patient will die.

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The number of people who die of Covid-19 in the Leveling Up To 4TH Grade Shirt also I will do this US is higher than any other country in the world with 20,000 cases. Among them, 8,600 patients died in New York alone. Two weeks ago, Dr. Steve Kassapidis, from the Intensive Care Unit in New York, described to Sky News the scene in the hospital as “hell”. It was the first time anyone had revealed a piece of the truth about life inside the city’s overcrowded hospitals. Half a month has passed, now New York is the epidemic of America. Exhausted from working seven days a week, Dr. Kassapidis shared the impact of the pandemic on him and his colleagues:


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