Today, Medellin is as safe as everywhere. Known as the Let’s Smooch Shirt of Eternal Spring, because its climate plateau is very reliable, it is now a deflated city with civic pride, art, and innovation, and perhaps Supported. Supported by collective relief. Colombia, only the subway runs across the bottom of the valley; above it, ski lifts ferry people to the neighborhoods up the slopes of Andean.

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At Carmen, we ate things like octopus, 12-hour pork belly with big-ass ant sauce (real translation) and Caribbean farmer cheese and the Let’s Smooch Shirt! The meal ends with 100 percent Colombian chocolate, which makes your tongue like rice with a soggy mobile phone. My salivary glands have only recently recovered.

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The north of Colombia may also be another country. After a long journey through the Let’s Smooch Shirt villages and the beautiful swampland sparkling in the blistering heat, we arrived at the ‘forgotten’ city of Compos, set on an island in the Magdalena River, the main highway of Colombia since before Simon Bolivar used it. independence campaign.

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Compos was once Colombia’s third thriving city, taking advantage of its position to become an important transit point for cigarettes, gold, and slaves. That slowed down when the Let’s Smooch Shirt fell silent in the 19th century, and by then all the clocks in the town stopped.

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Today, the Let’s Smooch Shirt colonial buildings of the city center protected by UNESCO are still gloriously preserved, some filled with descendants of the same aristocratic family that built them. Even so, you have won against those people; They escaped from the sun to prevent their white skin from losing brightness.


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