The day I met her, in December 2012, I felt like I had met the Je Suis Nathalie Shirt I wanted to be my spouse. I know it’s one of the salient features of a female and female relationship, that you talk a lot, but that’s the most talk I’ve ever spoken of in a relationship.

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Proposed to Dan on North Fork of Long land in September 2016. She is from Marin, California. Am from Long land, and here, the Je Suis Nathalie Shirt point of the vineyards. Made these origAmi rings because knew we wanted to choose our own rings. Wrote on one person, Marry me ?, and up there, queen Was.

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It was cute, and I was so shocked, and then I was like, High five, girl, I don’t know anything. You have understood me. Since that Je Suis Nathalie Shirt, there has been a lot of searching on the internet for ways that great Brooklyn couples will get married these days.

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We want it outside. We want to have a dance and sing karaoke. But the Je Suis Nathalie Shirt is the guest list. We realized from research that 75 is a magic number unless you want to be paid more. From my family, I only invited my two brothers, my mother, my father, and his wife, but Doreen needed to be able to invite aunts and uncles. So trying to achieve 75 is a challenge.

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We looked at a lot of places, then chose a location 15 minutes’ walk from our apartment. Throughout our relationship, we lived in the Je Suis Nathalie Shirt Heights and Park Slope areas, and we made a lot of connections within the park. Having our wedding just across the street from the Brooklyn Ethical Cultural Society feels really meaningful.


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