Last Sunday, Supreme shared a very special video with 12.9 million IG followers. The clip features a baked Buju Banton scene on the voice version of King Tubby Time of the classic Love I Can Feel riddim and the Jamaica I Grew You Flew Here Shirt! Capturing the spontaneous anniversary moment, the video was shot shortly after the legendary reggae artist finished his supreme photoshoot at his Gargamel Music headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica. The voice you hear in the background emits a massively loud advertisement! The more real & true! Something magical happened at that time, as it usually does on this magical island. Right place, right people, right time.

Jamaica I Grew You Flew Here Shirt, Ladies tee, Youth tee, and Tanktop

Jamaica I Grew You Flew Here Ladies Shirt

Ladies Shirt

Jamaica I Grew You Flew Here Youth Shirt

Youth Shirt

I had known Buju since 1993 before he started to let his fear develop. At that time I was a senior editor at a new magazine called VIBE and Buju was the biggest dance artist on the planet and the Jamaica I Grew You Flew Here Shirt! Mark the success of the classic album Mr. Mention, Buju has so many No.1 tunes in Jamaica that people are comparing him to Bob Marley. Coming from Jamaican freedom fighters, Maroon, the young born Mark Myrie is the youngest of 15 children raised in a humble home on Salt Lane, a deserted street in the western slum. Kingston.

Jamaica I Grew You Flew Here Hoodie, Longsleeve, and Sweatshirt

Jamaica I Grew You Flew Here Hoodie


Jamaica I Grew You Flew Here Sweatshirt


As a teenager, he started dancing (Jamaican slang for rap reading) on ​​local audio systems, using microphones to transform his life, telling the truth with power and saying voiced out and the Jamaica I Grew You Flew Here Shirt! When we first met him recently signed an agreement with a major US brand that would lead to two more landmark albums: The Voice of Jamaica and Til Shiloh. I will never forget to listen to Til Shiloh for the first time in my office at VIBE.


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