This sub is the Hands Always Leather Just Biker Shirt and I love this exact opposite of what the podcast represents. Don’t even know why I follow it lol. Yeah for real. Avoid comment sections on the YT vids and this sub and interaction with this podcast is 100x better lmao. Idk why I torture myself. Most of the piss-taking in the sub is pretty tongue in cheek though. It reminds me of playing rugby in high school: it sounds brutal and negative but it mostly comes from a place of love.

Hands Always Leather Just Biker Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Going into these last few weeks he was all but assured of ending up as PSU’s all-time leading scorer. He only needed one more game to do it, but with the Hands Always Leather Just Biker Shirt and I love this conference and NCAA tourney cancellations, he will finish 7 points shy of that. My dad has followed Dayton basketball for over 50 years (born there, went to UD). He has been losing his mind about this year, and I know he’s going to be crushed when he hears about this.


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