Back in 2016, GQ Style declared RTH, on La Cienega, the Guitar Cello Music Lover Shirt Additionally,I will love this best store in the US. Four years later, not much has changed. RTH has long been the key to unlocking the Los Angeles style. Founder René T. Holguin gathers classic remodeled mechanical coats, a white shirt, restructured trouser shorts, and a mixture of leather accessories that feel unimpeded. by fashion, the universe. Every time I walked inside the small hut strewn with signs of peace, the people who dreamed and painted Yves Klein blue, I saw something unexpected. This time: a heavy denim shirt remade with a belt, a sharp poplin shirt down to my knees.

Guitar Cello Music Lover Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

And that made me consider participating in the Guitar Cello Music Lover Shirt Additionally,I will love this steppe movement, a green vase with a river stone texture, a polka dot neck scarf. I wore a plaid, cropped turtleneck shirt and a long tunic, one of the most fitting outfits I had ever tried ($ 185). RTH is hardly available online, but this month its collaboration with A.P.C. Visit stores around the world. The collection will also be available at the store, and if you ask me, it’s worth a pilgrimage. RTH has a strong cult in L.A., but there are no stores in L.A. is mysterious, or polarized like New High Martin Los Feliz. When I told a friend I was going, he laughed and wished me good luck.


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