I’m going to do a bunch of posts like this, but here are some of the seemingly little things that helped add up to Shadow as a Cat of Unforgettable Character. Shadow was NOT a quiet cat and the Freddie Mercury And Cats Shirt! In fact, among the cats I’ve known, only my childhood cat, Tim came close to matching his ability to project. And boy, could that lad project. He didn’t just meow, he belted whatever he had to say, and you could have entire conversations with him where you could gauge his enthusiasm for the subject based on the intensity of his reply to a given word.

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It was also kind of amusing to see this big, strapping cat and then hear him yell in a falsetto that would have impressed Freddie Mercury. Shadow liked bellowing along when I played the guitar and the Freddie Mercury And Cats Shirt. I think if he’d had a band, the genre would have been hair metal. And of course, one of his claims to fame was Screaming At Rats. He could hear them rustling around in the orange tree in our back yard, and evidently thought it was VERY IMPORTANT to inform everyone in the house of their presence. This was such a critical priority for him that he managed to give himself laryngitis more than once as a result of his efforts.

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Brodie and Pearl definitely rival him in this department, to be sure, but the literal bone-crunching gusto with which he demolished entire raw chicken legs in a matter of minutes gave me a tremendous appreciation for the fact that cats are, in truth, domestic in name only. It was like watching one of those nature documentaries where tigers chomp down half an antelope as a snack. The Freddie Mercury And Cats Shirt! I was always really impressed and simultaneously grateful that he stuck to poultry for demonstrating his formidable jaw strength!


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