However, such ships will enter the Fluff You You Fluffin Fluff Shirt Also,I will get this strait by day and their transit will be carried out according to the route, in each case designated by the Turkish authorities. In cases where Turkey thinks it is threatened with imminent danger of war, according to Article 6, merchant ships will enjoy complete freedom of transit and traffic in the strait, except that The ships must enter the strait day and their transit must go through the route designated by the Turkish authorities. For these ships, pilots may be required, but at no charge.

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The Montreux Convention contains detailed provisions regarding the Fluff You You Fluffin Fluff Shirt Also,I will get this passage of warships through the Turkish Strait in Part II (Articles 8-22). These provisions, among others, explain the rights of Black Sea states and countries outside the Black Sea, the tonnage of warships, their total tonnage in the Black Sea and the time in the Black Sea. for countries outside the Black Sea. We may expand the above list of restrictive requirements with a number of other detailed provisions. In the context of the limited wartime conditions of this article, we will cover part of Article 19 and mainly Articles 20 and 21 of the convention.


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