Recently no one blinked when Live Nation Entertainment promoted Kelly Kapp to the dual position of Touring Vice President and Executive Vice President of HOBE Talent. Show off her formidable track record like a talented commander. The Fleetwood Mac 77 Tour Shirt and in nurturing success, developing and promoting upcoming actions, many of whom are today’s leaders, Kapp Kapp has long been regarded as a tenacious path. Previously, SVB of HOBE Talent, Kapp, was the first executive to have a dual role in US Live Nation Concerts, and its clubs and theaters, reporting to both Bob Roux and Ron Bension, respectively. application.

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Kapp has been with Live Nation (formerly Clear Channel Entertainment) for 17 years, starting as a project manager for the North American Concert division, working on tours like Ozzfest, Van Halen, Projekt Revolution, Family Values ​​and Destiny Child’s Farewell Tour and the Fleetwood Mac 77 Tour Shirt! With the acquisition of House of Blues Entertainment in 2006, Kapp jumped into the new division to become the opening tour buyer. Since then, notable artists Kapp has worked on at least two tours including waiting because the list is so wide.

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Father Kelly Kelly, Bruce Kapp, a senior vice president of Touring at Live Nation before his death in 2008. His career spanned nearly four decades, and he was credited with helping to develop the concept of touring. country in the concert industry and the Fleetwood Mac 77 Tour Shirt! Kelly began to climb up to her current position as a teenager backstage, following the settlements of the artist being negotiated by her father, and by selling part-time tickets at shows. So 17 years at the company, and you have a double plum position role.


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