Swift, once a master of small appearance, often used her music as a vehicle for romantic anguish, in which she was able to connect with the Feuerwehr Fireman White Shirt imagination by telling details. about your abusive relationship with anonymous men. Her songs provide a personal refuge, and she is much more loyal to listeners than lovers.

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The panels are turned on: Reputation turned on, lovers are the Feuerwehr Fireman White Shirt who give Swift a way out. At some point in the album, she focused on a growing romance that allowed her to adjust the disdainful noise over the past two years.

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The rest of the Feuerwehr Fireman White Shirt vanished when she was with the new man, who didn’t bother reading tabloids to see what people were saying about her. My reputation is never worse, so you have to like me for me, she whispered, subtly refined. She found relief in an unexpected place.

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But anxiety is hidden beneath this Feuerwehr Fireman White Shirt and you get the feeling that she’s looking over her shoulder all the time. The current context of pop music is dominated by complex and moody young women like Halsey, Lorde, and Lana Del Rey, who take their imperfection proudly and allow darkness to rise in. their music.

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The wholesomeness was out of fashion, and Swift came of age when suddenly she saw her play catch up. In her attempt to defame herself, does she admit that Feuerwehr Fireman White Shirt has a flaw, like everyone else, or simply tries to fit in? Is she reclaiming the narrative, or participate in it? The reputation of the Vikings raises these questions, but it doesn’t bother answering them.


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