This is something that I think is more confusing then common core math. So I have an alarm system at my building and a new law went into effect in 2019. Stating that you can be fined for false alarms for the alarm going off and not having actual criminal activity at your building. They call that a false alarm and the False Alarm Fuck Him Shirt. I found out this new law after receiving a fine of $250. I called and they told me that if I had an alarm, connected to the central station I would need a permit.

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I refuse to pay yet another fee to NYS for no reason. So they told me I can disconnect my alarm from Central Station and I would be done and the False Alarm Fuck Him Shirt. I sent in an appeal letter and they denied it because you can only appeal fines if you have a permit. So I just called today and they say, it would have been cheaper to pay the permit. Then they would have let me off on a warning without a fine.

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Does that sound like extortion to anyone else? I am going to wait till they bring me to court and I will go in and fight this. I hope that judges see the irony in this is False Alarm Fuck Him Shirt. No grace period on the new law, they claim notices were made on news and in the papers, but I never received a letter on this new law nor had a chance to fix this issue. Such a scam.


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