We know what will happen next. You will leave our favorite bar, where you will install your mobile HQ on the Defend The Bridge Black Shirt for six people. When the bar is full, you’ll still be staring at the screen, refusing to give up any territory. Your empty coffee cup will be replaced with a glass of water.

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At this Defend The Bridge Black Shirt diners and drinkers will notice your annoying typing style. The way you hit each key was last seen in the Chernobyl TV series when power plant employees pressed the button to avoid a nuclear crisis (is that what happened to you?). Your knock is the kind of noise you can’t adjust – and those who come here to relax are transported back to work.

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Finally, a valiant servant will try and catch your eye. You will pick up a headset and stare at him. He will politely ask if you want to stop working? You turn off your computer. Then, once he gets out of sight, open it again. Do Don Don people understand that Defend The Bridge Black Shirt has a deadline to respond?

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Finally, you stop. And when you feel complacent about your day, about your life when you live on the Defend The Bridge Black Shirt frontier of work, about the possibility of surviving with this little money in this city (even, you make the more the cafe owner and the waiter), the door will close behind you and a crowded bar will be comfortable.

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It’s like people have just been massaged from Amazing Bertha (I’ll recommend you another day). Unexplainable collective tension will evaporate and people will start enjoying a bar that Defends The Bridge Black Shirt a bar rather than a third space. And one of these drinkers will conclude that there is a place for people who do not understand the morality and rules of the new work world. It is called an office, you should try a day.


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