Potential buyers that Default Lives Matter Shirt is talking about are private export companies. Kenya’s Ministry of Commerce said the Chinese market will account for more than 40% of Kenya avocado production Kenya, leading Kenya to top avocado exporters. But there is a drawback, said Peter Munya, Kenya’s Minister of Commerce and Industry.

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Usually, when you want to export something outside, there are standards you have to meet and when they come to assess the Default Lives Matter Shirt of butter, some flies are discovered, making it difficult for us to export. The raw avocado and A decision were made to export frozen avocado, Munya said.

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Farmers or traders are required to freeze fruits to minus 30 degrees Celsius to get rid of pests and negative 18 degrees when transporting. Many farmers worry that Default Lives Matter Shirt requirements will prevent them from directly exporting products.

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We are considering building the Default Lives Matter Shirt of Kenya’s National Trade Cooperation to support integrated small-scale farmers and that is already in the budget, he said. We have the resources to support KNTC to upgrade our warehouse and then export.

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Kenyan exporters said they are also planning to invest in cold storage to meet Chinese market access requirements. Meanwhile, Kenyan avocado farmers will rely on farmer cooperatives to find other markets ready to buy their fresh produce from the Default Lives Matter Shirt


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