It is difficult to gather behind such a character. Perhaps Thompson felt it was an odd personality trait. It is simply annoying. Speaking of irritability, when Tom (Henry Golding) shows up, he has silly advice like the Dachshund Christmas Light Shirt she’s always looking for because she’s going to pay attention to things she’s never had before (even when that means she put it in the trash).

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For some reason, he walked and jumped down the Dachshund Christmas Light Shirt as if he were Gene Kelly or a chimney sweeping from Mary Poppins. I looked at my wife in one of his swirls on the road and asked, What is going on here! It was mainly because Kate had major surgery, and she was worried about her.

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The film has a few funny lines. When the Dachshund Christmas Light Shirt meets a middle-aged man she cares about (in one of the cutest / the cutest moments in screen history), after showing him a monkey playing the Last Christmas game Born, the two stared into each other’s eyes in the strangest way. Kate muttered, it was like watching a short film in Scandinavia.

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I also chuckled when Kate, who longed to be a singer but was doing goblin at a store, said something sick to Tom. He told her that, quite darkly from a goblin, and she explained, those were dark times. Something about how Thompson could write such lines, made me smile. However, a lot of this Dachshund Christmas Light Shirt makes me grimace.

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Some reviews are ruining major revelations, and I would dare to do that. I would say, it’s somewhat predictable. And, if you want the Dachshund Christmas Light Shirt to be ruined, and read one of the funniest criticisms of a movie I’ve read over the years, look for Inkier King’s writing for Slate. My wife and I laughed all morning with that story.


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