Cowboys For Life Betty Boop Shirt! It’s always a memory flashback to my television past whenever I hear the voice of Claude Kirschner hyping my favorite commercials. Joining Claude Kirschner in this classic FIZZIES commercial is the legendary Mae Betty Boop Questel. FIZZIES were tablets that create a soft drink when added to water. Ruth Millard invented the idea for Emerson Drug Company, a manufacturer of Bromo-Seltzer, by adding a fruit flavor that children liked.

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Once perfected, Emerson named the creation Fizzies. Cowboys For Life Betty Boop Shirt! The tablet was dropped into a glass of water, then fizzed and dissolved, creating a sweet, effervescent drink. Fizzies were first introduced by Emerson on a regional basis in July 1957. In 1962, the Emerson Drug Company was acquired by Warner-Lambert, which sold the product nationally that same year. In the 1950s and 1960s Fizzies came in seven flavors: grape, orange, cherry, lemon-lime, strawberry, root beer, and cola.

Cowboys For Life Betty Boop Shirt, Hoodie and Sweatshirt

Cowboys For Life Betty Boop Hoodie


Cowboys For Life Betty Boop Sweatshirt


Fizzies’ sales grew both nationally and internationally until 1968, achieving more than double the sales volume of Kool-Aid. Cowboys For Life Betty Boop Shirt! Fizzies was also one of the sponsors for The Shari Lewis Show on NBC-TV in the early 1960s and pitched by Lewis herself. I know a lot of people were disappointed when I discontinued the home video collection of Classic TV Shows and Commercials on my website. But since my spine surgery, I haven’t been able to deal with it the right way. You’ll start seeing these DVDs being sold through.


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