The College Football Analyst Shirt! Dressed in a gray suit with purple pocket squares on a white striped shirt and purple tie, Gene Chizik walked into the SEC Network studio ready for the day’s work. The purple in his seventh outfit is to support Furman University, where his son, Cally, is a freshman. When Chizik approached the studio where he would spend the better part of the 11 hours working on late Saturday at the end of this September, he announced that his request had been approved. SEC Network’s Peter Burns made sure that Furman-ETSU was on one of the six screens that he and his aerial teammates would follow to track all the actions in college football. For Chizik’s joy, Furman was the leader.

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The college football weekend really begins Friday night for the former Auburn coach. He is a color commentator on ESPN, the Duke-Virginia Tech game in Blacksburg, Va. He calls a handful of games that aren’t Friday nights for the network throughout the year, despite the commotion he receives from SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey. Quick turnaround, unlike Chizik and the College Football Analyst Shirt! When he settled down on the day of breaking SEC games, everyone he met – from makeup artists to production assistants, outstanding people – was greeted with a warm handshake as if he met him. best friend since high school, not the one he saw a week ago.

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Chizik looks more like the guy who slept 9 hours in his life than he did on Friday night followed by an early alarm call and a 3-hour drive to Charlotte. I like to work, man, Chizik told SDS. I like to work, and I like to be productive. I can slow down. The College Football Analyst Shirt and that, folks, maybe the cornerstone of the century. In the fall when Chizik wasn’t the one who broke everything for one of ESPN’s networks, he spoke to him or he flew to Dallas to participate in the Playoff Football Football selection process. He is checking out at one of the 2 restaurants he owns in his home town of Pont or he watches game movies both Mondays and Tuesdays.


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