From there, Leto reminisced warmly about working with star Harrison Ford, posted a still of Billie Eilish with a spider in her mouth, joked about his predictive skills (“Saw that one coming”), and even worked in some social distancing jokes. As of press time, his recap is still going, and all in all, it’s kind of like watching a movie with your Hollywood-geek cousin who knows the Coffee Scrubs Rubber Gloves #nurselife Shirt but in fact I love this story behind every shot. Not bad! Why ever had I kept a half-empty bottle like this all this time, I wondered? “Add a bloody great splosh,” said my sister. Then, “add another. Be generous.

Coffee Scrubs Rubber Gloves #nurselife Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Now, the Coffee Scrubs Rubber Gloves #nurselife Shirt but in fact I love this question remains: What will the Jared Leto Cinema Club tackle next? Will he go meta and live-tweet about one of his own movies? Personally, I hope he does, because I would love for a figure of authority to explain to me what Panic Room is about. (I know, I know—it’s about a panic room. But I mean existentially.) “Spoiler alert: I find the toilet paper. Join me for this week’s #JaredLetoCinemaClub,” Leto tweeted. “We’re watching Raiders of the Lost Ark—pressing play now.” He also photoshopped himself into a still from the movie, with a roll of toilet paper standing in for the film’s golden idol. Topical!


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