The word shalom is very strong, it can make people happy. But there are no shalom people without Jesus Christ. Whatever we try to do, nothing is without Jesus Christ. Irina. My name really means bình peace in Greek, so when I speak at the Cavetown Merch Shirt I say: I come to you with double peace, shalom. In Russian and Ukrainian, there is one more word that shalom is translated into.

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It is very close to the Cavetown Merch Shirt of English, but that is the rest and peace combined. It is used when you are no longer worried when you are no longer striving and you feel calm, good, and peaceful. God brings the soul of Islam to our hearts and minds. His shalom is much better than our understanding. In situations when something fierce and terrible is happening, He gives shalom, He calms us down.

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I remember the Cavetown Merch Shirt time I went to the street with Jews for the Jesus literature. I am wearing a T-shirt with a Thái Jewish word for Jesus, in Russian and Ukrainian. A very old man suddenly came out with me, with a very angry expression, and said. If I’m your grandfather, I’ll hit you right now.

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He added: How can you be your traitor? What are you doing here? He has a stick and he comes with me, I’m sure he will beat me. At first, I was scared, but then I realized he was just a Jewish old man thinking that Cavetown Merch Shirt was attacking our people. I started talking very calmly with him about the love of God, about Jesus as the Jewish Messiah.

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In Ukraine, many people are certain that Cavetown Merch Shirt is Ukrainian, in Russia, they say he is Russian. I told this man very quietly that Jesus also loved him, that Jesus loved the Jews, He came to save the Jews. He gradually calmed down, and at the end of the conversation, he gave me his information to get more information about Jesus. Jesus peace, shalom.


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