I can’t describe in other words because I’ll get downvoted. LMAO. I think it’s safe to say she turned everyone in that studio gay (if they weren’t already) but yeah, Mia, checking out SuA was definitely a highlight. I need to rewatch that episode of again (for science). I actually used the Casual Care Bear Rollin’ With My Homie Shirt besides I will buy this M2 Relay Dances to figure them out. Pictures are one thing but often not enough. Just check the comments to find a description of who is who and then you can follow along. May want to watch the MVs first though. My way of learning who they are – Dami has the roundest eyes. Yoohyeon is the tallest and slimmest with the sharpest chin. Gahyeon is the short one with lips that curl up at the ends.

Casual Care Bear Rollin’ With My Homie Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

But you’ll appreciate this part much more in the Casual Care Bear Rollin’ With My Homie Shirt besides I will buy this latter parts. It’s only a few episodes, so I really recommend watching it. Battle Tendency. This is where things get really interesting. Things get progressively more bizarre, the main character is much more interesting and the finale is completely insane. You’ll get attached to the characters, for better and for worse. It is kind of a generational show and yes every part has a different main character. However, some of the main characters will show up in other parts as side characters.


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