We share Avengers vs X Men comics again. Today, I will write to you about the events of 1 and the Captain Marvel Nin Grey Unisex Tee Shirt! Everything begins with the Phoenix Force, one of the greatest powers in the universe! The battle between Terrax the Tamer, the only messenger of Nova and Galactus, on the Hellenic planet, is very short. The Phoenix Force appears in time and kills Terrax the Tamer. Nova ended her life in a hurry and wanted to convey this message to the Avengers very quickly. At the Avengers Tower, each of them is busy with his own work, while the heroes see a burning body in the sky at the same time. The Avengers approaches this strange object and sees it as Nova. Nova admits everything to the Avengers and says that Phoenix Force is approaching the planet. Nova fell into a coma after that.

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When we look at Utopia, the territory of mutants, we see mutants merged here. Cyclops, Colossus, Namor the Sub Mariner, Magneto, Emma Frost and others and the Captain Marvel Nin Grey Unisex Tee Shirt. This is Cyclops, Hope Summers, the only hope for Mutants. For Phoenix Force, he chose Hope Summers as a new body. There was a time when he chose Jean Gray. Cyclops, who checks Hope Summers’s psychological state and battle strategy without using their power, immediately hit him heavily.

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Ironman and Captain America in Washington, USA. Meet the president and prime minister and discuss the danger to our planet. Hope Summers is gaining new power when Phoenix Force approaches the World and the Captain Marvel Nin Grey Unisex Tee Shirt. Tony Stark, through a program developed by PowerPoint during the conference, said that Phoenix Force will warn the system if it appears on our planet. Thanks to this device, the Avengers know that the Phoenix Force’s energy is in the X-Men Utopia. The Avengers also came to Utopia to change their minds and come to New York at Wolverine. Wolverine, as you know, is not only a member of the X Men group but also an Avenger. After Schism events, Wolverine was separated from the X-Men once and fought with Cyclops.


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