Sitting with Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees at the heart of the slasher pantheon villain, away from second-class bad guys like Pinhead and Chuckie, Freddy Krueger has left an indisputable and indisputable mark on the genre. The Black Cat Freddy Krueger What Shirt and horror culture. During the 35 years and nine movies A Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy has haunted the dreams of countless teenagers, both on and off the screen. But what sets Freddy apart from his fellow villains is his jokes.

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While most other killers silently charge toward their victims like unstoppable natural forces, Freddy bounces around like a Tex Avery character spitting out marshmallows, attacking first. The Black Cat Freddy Krueger What Shirt of a criminal named Roger Moore Bond. Sadly, not all quips are created equal. He did his best to serve a joke-like game of fathers that would kill you from its business before he had hit your heart. Occasionally, Elm Street movies will try to force Freddy into a completely terrifying territory and lose some of his attractiveness in the process. Other times, lazy people are lazy people, otherwise, they get extremely old. (Reprinting these movies is … an experience.)

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We’ve collected and categorized each movie Freddy quip, rated them from bad and problematic to perfect. The Black Cat Freddy Krueger What Shirt and meaning you have to scroll down to find the best. TV shows, video games, and billions of other non-movie characters in which the character has appeared are not included, because I want to finish writing this before I die.


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