The American Goth Black Shirt! Gibson declares it an impromptu visit. Meanwhile, Cider Riot has filed a lawsuit against Gibson and six other Patriotic Prayer members for his careless actions and private property infringement. People on all sides called for an arrest. No one came.

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It was Ben Ben’s video that American Goth Black Shirt the Portland Police Department (PPB) confidently secure arrest warrants against Gibson and the other five Patriotic Prayer members who followed him to Cider Riot that afternoon. On August 22, a Multnomah County jury indicted Gibson and five other members of Patriotic Prayer for a serious felony for provoking a riot. Some men face multiple allegations, including assault and use of illegal weapons.

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Although the American Goth Black Shirt of Ben’s clash is a good example, it records his group planning a riot that could supposedly put a suspect behind bars. The clip was also included in a new motion filed in the civil case Cider Riot Lam against Patriot Prayer as evidence that Gibson staged the attack.

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Ben said it didn’t hit him when he was filming that American Goth Black Shirt might have caught criminal evidence. It was only when Cider Riot filed a lawsuit against Patriot Prayer on May 3 that Ben decided to send his video to the cidery legal team. A few weeks later, Ben received a call from the PPB detective looking for a similar video. Ben gave the video and carefully agreed to be a witness.

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Cider Riot’s owner, Abe Goldman-Armstrong, spoke at a news conference announcing the American Goth Black Shirt against Patriot Prayer.


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